Complaint: Company doesn’t pay their contractors. Kirk Ramsey of the company refuses to pay us for two invoices 1. submitted January 2- demolition of garage, haul debri and existing debri in driveway at ($1,200). 2. January 5 renovated basement ($1,500). We were told that they paid every Friday and we expected payment on January 5. He change the rules and said we must invoice the Sunday before the Friday pay day (Jan. 12th). Mr. Ramsey called Friday 12th and said he didn’t have the money and we could pick up checks on Monday or Tuesday. We contacted Mr. Ramsey and Nichole of the office. Nichole said as soon as she receive the checks she would call us. Mr. Ramsey didn’t respond at that time. As time progressed, he told us that he wouldn’t pay us until one of his other projects were completed.These were two separate contracts.The contract that Mr. Ramsey referred was referring to a siding (garage) job that couldnu2019t be completed at the time because of sub-zero degree weather. The homeowner told us that we could come back in the spring to complete the siding. However, Mr. Ramsey was not compassionate about workers in sub-zero temperatures and told me to tell God. We proceeded to complete the project and sent workers out on the first 20 degree day. However, they were told by another contractor of the company that Mr. Ramsey said we were replaced. We called the next day and he said he wasn’t paying us. The garage was 90% completed.This matter has to be resolved in a court of law. We want Total Home Solutions to pay us for the contracts submitted on January 2nd for $1,200 and on January 5th for $1,500. They owe us a total of $2,700. We have to pay the workers and we paid for dump fees twice. We also want to settle the work on the garage in an admirably manner. We worked in Washington, DC for the government where people were very professional. These condescending remarks and behavior patterns should not exist in the workplace.

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