This company likes using the bait and switch game to get consumers in there store! This company trains all there employees to sell you crappy wine,beer, and other LESS THEN PAR ALCOHOL.there brand..If you must shop there DO NOT BUY THE HOUSE WINE, or any house product.(They are cheap for a reason) The old bait and switch is still going stong at this company,come in with a coupon and after you get to the front to check-out you find out it’s only good in wines ending in a certain number…it’s here on the bottom of the coupon sir.(BULLSH*T) THEY ARE OWNED BY LAWYERS….SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! SAVE $1.00 OR 2 AND DEAL WITH BULLSHIT OR GO TO COSTCO…WITH A COUPON THAT’S GOOD ON A NAME BRAND WINE,BEER OR SPIRT. I hope some out there will read this and understand that this consumer just wanted to share his own personal opion.(LAWYER CAN MESS WITH ME COMMENT) IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THEY TRY THE BAIT AND SWITCH GAME..WALK IN WITH A COUPON AND BUY A BRAND NAME WINE….GOODLUCK! Bring a lemon just in case you try there product!

21001 n. tatum blvd phoenix, Arizona United States of America


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