Did not honor my request to cancel membership.


My Complaint: I sent in a support ticket to cancel my membership 2 weeks prior to my renewal date. They sent me an email stating they received my request. I thought they honored it until I checked my credit card statement. I went to send them another support ticket and found this message: 4995ClosedBilling 06:14:16sandrawest2015-02-12 11:14:21 They closed my support ticket with this message inside: Hello,

The last thing we want is for you to feel
any regret.

We love that you saw our vision and the
reason why Total Takeover was created.

Already over $200,000 in commissions in
only a few short weeks!

We know it takes work to succeed in this
industry; that?s exactly why we are committed
to providing the resources for you to make
you a total success.

However, if you choose to throw in the towel
now, you may never know how close you came
to what you were looking for in the first place.

We know the real winners will be those that
gave themselves a chance to become educated
and really get the inside scoop on how people
in this industry actually WIN!

Sadly, you?ll miss the training sessions from
people like Jack Zufelt (who was just named
professional motivational speaker of the DECADE),
Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, and so many more.

There is so much more that hasn’t even been
unveiled or mentioned yet!

However, If you request to cancel you will forfeit
your current position and any and all commissions
owed that are owed to you.

If you still wish to leave Total Takeover, we will
process your request as soon as we have your reply.

If you still wish to leave Please respond with
“Yes, Cancel Me”
We will eliminate your position and any income
owed to you.

If you wish to stay and take advantage of being part
of this movement, please respond with:
“I’m a leader and I will stay!”

– TTO Support Team

2/27/2015 I sent in another support ticket asking why they did not honor my request to cancel and to refund me the full amount. Instead of replying to my request, they called me telling its their policy to make sure that members know they will not receive commissions owed to them if they cancel. This policy is listed no where on the site. The company facebook page stated in order to cancel account you need to send in a support ticket. They did not say we had to request 2 times to cancel. They refuse to issue me a refund. Now the person who called me on the phone is now harassing me on facebook. Conversation started today
Jordan JL Wright
Jordan JL Wright
Thank You for Cussing Me out on the Phone today.
I understand you’re have a lot of issues… but I was just trying to help you.
I’m a person too. With Feelings…
I don’t appreciate all the hurtful things you said to me today.
Sandra West
Sandra West
I don’t need you pushing me into something I don’t want. I sent in a support ticket to request you honor my cancellation and to give me a full refund. I did not join TTO for a business. I joined for the products to help in my other business. When you started pushing the business, the matrix and all that other crap, it was a complete turn off.
Jordan JL Wright
Jordan JL Wright
No one was pushing you to do anything we are required by law to make sure that you know what you’re forfeiting when you cancel and we are required by law to get a confirmation from you before we cancel regardless your behavior is really unacceptable and I’m surprised at the fact that you still haven’t apologized I was trying to help you and get to the bottom of it and explained our refund policy and attempt to offer you one even though you’re way past the term instead you cussed me and treat me like a scum when all I’m doing is going out of my way to help you and get you your money back
Sandra West
Sandra West
What you are saying is BS. You tore in to me because I quit in under 30 days. Maybe you should have sent me an email instead of posting it into the back office. I have been in other programs and never have I heard about this stupid law for cancelling. One email is all it took. Your company refused to acknowledge my request. You will not a get an apology from me. You treated me like shit and I stooped to your level. I have yet to see an email stating I am getting refund. That’s all I wanted. Not a stupid phone call from you telling what an idiot I am for cancelling your program.
Sandra West
Sandra West
I am not way past the term. I am going to dispute this with my credit card and report you to the BBB and tell everyone I know the horrible experience I had with your company!!!!!!
Jordan JL Wright
27/02/2015 21:28
Jordan JL Wright
Yeah go ahead and do that and I’ll go ahead and publish the recording of you cussing me out we’ll see which one looks crazier
Should I also include a list of mental health care providers so that you can get the help you need
Jordan JL Wright
27/02/2015 21:31
Jordan JL Wright
Just to let you know I’m a distributor just like yourself I don’t have any ownership in total takeover I was simply trying to help your dumbass yet you’re too busy being a psycho freaking lunatic to see that I was helping you I will happily publish the recording love you slandering me and cussing me out write on your Facebook page
Jordan JL Wright
27/02/2015 21:34
Jordan JL Wright
And when I said I wanted an apology it was from you to me as a human being there is no reason for you to ever treat someone the way that you treated me today you ought to be ashamed of yourself I understand you might be caring for your sick parents and honestly I feel sorry for you but I don’t think you made it either of your parents very proud of you today that behavior is unacceptable and you really need to talk to someone
Sandra West
Jordan JL Wright
Jordan JL Wright
honestly I really dont care… and if 89 bucks is too much for you I imagine a lawyer is too
BUT I wouldn’t do that to you … you have enough problems… see I actually have compassion. just to let you know.. you’ve been prayed for. You really do need help… that being said.. I’m not the one to help you because youre taking everything out on me…
You had every opportunity to make this right… and you failed to
btw I also contacted the company and had them refund you. so a dispute at the bank is really a waste of time and will make you look unstable and irresponsible…
as for the BBB there’s lots of nutjobs out there.. but TTO isnt even listed so you cant make a statement anyway…
Please do yourself a favor and go talk with someone.. people who are completely healthy and stress free dont blow up on people like that.


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