Complaint: What can I say!… This is a case where you pay top dollars to have your car serviced, and you get nothing but problems in return….on 06/10/2015 i had an almost $100.00 Oil Change ( with Mgr. discount !)…Then drove off for over Three Weeks and suddenly coming out to an Intersection in Ocean Beach, the car started vapeur fuming from the driver side! I pulled into the curb and shot off the Engine! Popped the hood, and saw the OIL Cap. sitting on the Master Cylinder ( been squeezed all that time under the hood!). They forgot to close the engine Oil Cap!!!! how silly of them…. Now the overflow of the oil has caused the Three Radiator hoses connection ( Tee Connect? ) to melt and dislocate Two hoses causing the vapeur fumes to come out and loosing all coolant fluids Not to mention the Oil! I called ” Bashar”” ( manager ) to explain my stranded situation on the road

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: and what caused it! Took my number and said he would call be back….never did! Called in again

Website: CA! Never Again in that place!

Phone: to have them bring someone to fix or Tow or do somethin’… they did not want to admit