I purchased a very expensive set of PORTO stemware as a gift from T.o.M.. I bought it in early February for an anniversary March 21. It finally arrived in the second week of April.The items were described as stemware perfect for *sipping* port wine, being 7 inches tall. The items which arrived were almost twice that size, capable of holding about a half a bottle.Port is expensive and vinted to be enjoyed in small snifters an ounce or two at a time. These are utterly useless for that purpose. Customer “service”” took a week to respond to my email in which the suggested I read the original listing once again

they didn’t specify but I assume because it stated the sale was final. Had the items i received been the items described on the original listing I would understand

but they didn’t so I’m not sure how the sale is final

except that T.o.M has decided that unilaterally. And o yes

when they respond there will be 2 lines in the beginning of the email asking you you to rate there service: “”Yes