Complaint: I work in the Excel Adult Program, which is a program for autistic adults. Every day they put together a lesson plan for the day, which in most cases these clients can not do any of it, but we are expected to teach anyway. We have individuals who are deaf/mute and another who can barely walk and has to have a helmet. I guess they will take anybody as long as money is involved. We also have to change peoples depends when they have accidents and have to put on gloves to give clients a shower. This should be done by the people to take of them when they are not with us. This is only glorified babysitting. We get paid only 9.25 an hour to do this sh*t, no raises. The excuse for us not getting raises is that we are a nonprofit organization, which is is bunch of BS. The president of the company makes 500,000/per year. How fair is that. The building is not clean or at least half a*s cleaned. Instead of bringing in a professional crew to clean, they get clients who are high functioning to do the cleaning. Some days the building smells horrible. The morale in the building is so low and there are individuals who are unhappy about being there and they are looking for another job. You only get paid once a month and no overtime. About Emily: This lazy bit*h comes into work late everyday or don’t come in at all, sits in her office on the computer with her door closed. She tells people to get off there cell phone when she is on hers all day, texting. She does not deal with any of the behaviors. I got pinched and scratched by a client, another worker got slapped in the face several times. There is a time that they actually put a client in a bathroom stall and left her there, because she was making to much noise in the classroom. She was there the entire day. The lazy b***h did say or do anything. I am going to report this. You need to run away like hell from this company. Most horrible place to work on the planet. They are very sneaky, and there are alot of snitches in the building. To Emily: You no good, good for nothing, lazy bit*h: You think you can just make up things about people to get them fired? A dog that will bring a bone will sure as hell take one, your day is coming, I will make sure of that.

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