Vehicle Scam-young adult taken


My Complaint: My son of 24 years old, young black professional, trying hard to show independence for himself was bamboozled, first time buyer went into this establishment trying to purchase a vehicle on 6/8/2013. They gave him a loan at 20.84%, with a down payment of $1800.00 @ $551.00. Granted I am sure his credit is not the best, and yes he signed the contract because he was excited to be approved on his own with no co-signer, but they told him he was financed through Capital One and Tom Hodge the sales person promised him a sunroof and fully loaded vehicle once he signed the contract. We tried to return the vehicle because Tom said it would now cost an additional $900.00 to an additional $1500.00 for just the sunroof and Bluetooth being added. The finance manager Maroon Farhat said nothing could be done because we had a loan and a contract, with only one day recession we tried to return. My son telephoned Capital One to return the vehicle since it would be a voluntary repo at this point; Capital One insist there is no loan for my son under Town Center Nissan and they couldn’t direct us. Calling back to Nissan leaving a message for Kenny Grant the General Manager, someone in turn besides Kenny calls me back named Scott Middleton; very rude and wouldnÂ’t even let me talk just to find out what time someone will be there, hung the phone up on me saying I am lying about the loan and I have the vehicle and car, don’t call them again.