Work produced is OK but not great. It is of my own personal opinion that the owner and operator of this company is TOTALLY unprofessional. He treats his employees like complete garbage. Swears and demeans his employees at every turn, sometimes physically assaulting them. His employees told me that they don’t get paid what they’re promised, and work unreasonably long hours for minimal pay. Safety is not an issue to him. Some employees don’t even wear steel toe boots. Their boss won’t buy them eye, ear, and hand protection and I haven’t seen a single worker wearing a respiratory mask while cutting stone. It is absolutely despicable how he treats his employees.Completely unethical in how he runs his business. Doesn’t deserve your money, and his workers deserve a boss that at least respects their basic human dignity. If you consider yourself a person who respects the rights of workers and believes in ethical business transactions, you CANNOT, in all good conscience, hire this company.

8685 Regional Road 20, Smithville Ontario Smithville, Ontario United States of America