Complaint: Today my 2002 Ceilca GT was repossessed at 4am this morning! The story goes like this I was contacted by Toyota 3/13/08 in the Afternoon saying I need to finish paying off the 3k that was owe on the car since the Maturity Date ended on 12/29/07. I was given the ok to continue to pay the monthly bill until July to pay off the car….. err wrong! Toyota decides hey we can’t do that and you need to pay the rest up front. I was told by two people on the 3/13/08 that I have till 4/10/08 to pay the car in full and the car will be repossessed on 3/24/08. Then I called later that day to get everything confirmed and was told the same thing and I have the names of each person who told me that date, They even told that to the lady at the Credit Union, so I have plenty of proof right….. Nope!! Toyota went back on their words and towed my car on 3/19/08 at 4am (wait but what happened to the 3/24/08) I sent my full payment to them on 3/18/08 with a cashier check and had it sent Federal Express, also they was contacted and told the check has been sent by the Credit Union. So while the guy is towing my car he said the car was scheduled to be picked up on 3/17/08, I’m like why he said contact Toyota and drove off, Never had a chance to get my belongings out the car. Went to the Credit Union so we all can contact TFS together and things really blow up. One lady says sorry they car was put on the list at 3/13/08 that evening and there was nothing she could do, So they transfer us to recovery management. The other person is saying you need to pay your bill to get your car back, which I told him I did we sent a Cashier Check, he then takes a long pause on the phone he then replies with do you have the tracking number, Better yet the Lady at the Credit Union says I will fax you the info and everything that was said to her by one of the people on their staff. The Next thing we will review this and call you back. So I ended up calling them back and they have the nerve to say Sorry the car has been repossessed and we have the cashier check but we have to wait 3 to 5 business days for it to clear. A cashier’s check is the same thing as cash! She didn’t respond to this she kept saying you need to pay the repo fee plus storage fee even though I was told and the lady at the Credit Union was told the 3/24/08. She says we don’t tell people when your car is going to be repossessed it just happens. Then why 3 of your employees tell me that for? She goes on saying that was not put in the notes so it never happened… BS Sorry lady i have the names of all 3 individuals that told me the time of date. She of course didn’t listen, then I say all the conversations our recorded and your evidence is there! Then I am put on hold to only tell me the number of the repo place how much it will cost, and if I wanted to get my personal items out my own car they was going to charge me for that as well! So I sit here with no car for about 3 days I was pretty much lied to and they are milking more money out of me. I will never do business with this company ever again and advise others to document every thing that is said when dealing with TFS cause they are very Incompetent with customers and always covering their butts when they are in the wrong. Antonio Temple Hills, MarylandU.S.A.

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