Complaint: Dear Sir/MadamI would like to know if you could give me some advice and assistance regarding my issues I am having at the moment. I was injured on duty in April 2009. I was booked off from work because of the severity of my back injury. I have had 2 Lumbar Laminectomies, 3 Rhizotomies and a 2 Spinal Fusions and have been in theatre a total of 8 times in the past 18 months. My Orthopedic Surgeon (DR LF Oelofse) declared me medically unfit to work as I cannot stand very long, I can only sit for a period of 20 minutes at a time and I have to lie down most of the day and I cannot walk, drive or travel far distances due to the severity of the pain that I experience on these occasions . I have not received a proper salary since August 2009. In that time I have had to give up my house as I could not pay my rent. I have moved in with my parents along with my family (My wife and 2 small children), I have also had to sell all of our furniture to pay my way at my parents whom are pensioners. I have applied for my boarding which was rejected which I am trying to appeal. I was told by the fund that I could do light duty. My Employer (Toyota Forklift) then informed me that I was to attend a Incapacity Investigation on the 20 July 2010. Please be advised that I felt intimidated during the investigation so I did not voice my opinions on topics discussed. Toyota forklift then created a position for me as a Workshop Quotation Clerk. I was unable to perform the duties for this position due to the severity of my back injury. Toyota Forklift i.e. Mike Lowe (Aftermarket Manager) were not willing to create or place me in a position to compensate for my disability. My Employer Mike Lowe dismissed me due to my Incapacity. When I worked for my Employer ( Toyota Forklift) I received a basic salary plus medical aid contribution, pension fund contribution, stand-by allowance, company cell phone and company car. My wife is unemployed and looks after our 2 children during the day as we cannot afford a nursery school for them. What is there for me to do now as I am now left with no job and no home and I have a family to support as I was the only one that was working I have lost everything, I cannot even play with my children 1 year and 3 years old as it is too painful for me.I did not receive any training from my Employer on the machinery I was working on when I was injured. I was appointed without being qualified in any field and I received no assistance with removing and re-fitting of heavy parts on the machines. Even though I repeatedly requested training and assistance. I have repeatedly contacted Toyota Forklift via email to find out if they are going to pay me some sort of financial compensation due to my disability received while on duty. Compensation for me not being able to ever work again. Not being able to live a normal life with my family and children. I have got a claim with workmens compensation but this is still running as my surgeon is not happy with my condition. My last spinal fusion was 10 weeks ago (07 September 2010) So it cant be finalized yetI would also like to bring to your attention My previous Employer (Goscor Lift Truck) gave me training on every machine that I was to be working on while I was under their employment.Please can you assist me with this matter

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