Complaint: The mechanic that worked on my vehicle was obviously not a professional. After making many errors and mistakes while fixing my engine they are unwilling, or slow to resolve the problem. These errors could have put my family in danger. I had blown a head gasket and took my 4runner to this dealership thinking they would fix it right. They originally quoted me $1800 to replace the gasket. After taking the engine apart they informed me that I needed a new engine because the block was warped. Fine I understand that, so I told them to go ahead. So now they quoted me $3200 to fix. The new engine is supposed to have only 35,000 miles on it. I picked up my truck after a week and the total bill was $3600. I had quotes from other mechanics in the area for half that cost who would warranty their work for 1 year. But I choose the dealership because I wanted it don’t right the first time. I arrived at my work form the dealership and noticed coolant pouring out on the ground. I looked under the hood and found that the mechanic didn’t put the clamp on the coolant hose. Then I notice my cruse control wasn’t hooked up and found out later they cracked a spark plug coil. I had to take my truck back to the dealership four times. Each time I was without a vehicle for a day or two. And it still isn’t running well to this day. Its all about quality of work for me, and based on my experience I will not go to this dealership again. The total cost of repairs was about $3700. I expect more for the money I paid. Paul richardson, TexasU.S.A.

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