Complaint: I purchased a brand new Toyota Corolla 2002. As soon as the warranty expired (36000 miles or 3 years which ever comes first) I am experiencing problems with Corolla. My car has less than 25000 miles and to my surprise the power window of the driver side stop working and warning signs start coming up “check engine””. So I took the car to Toyota dearship. I was told that I need to replace PW Motor Assy Part # 85720-02040 and also replace Valve Vacum Switching Part # 90080-91233 (Total cost $ 666.38). I was amazed that Toyota suppose to make a quality car and my car is falling apart. I was told by the Toyota dealership that such repir does not happened very often but unfortunately it happened to my car. The replacement of these two parts has nothing to do with mileage and the only reason they went bad may be due to sub standard parts in the new car. It reflects poor quality management in Toyota assembly plant. I wrote two emails to “”Customer Experience Center”” in Torrance. CA. The only responses I got via email was to contact the Toyota dealership. Even though I mentioned in my email that issue is with the sub standard parts in my car and has nothing to do with the Toyota dealership. It seems to me that no one read the email carefully. After two emails then I wrote a letter to the “”Customer Experience Center”” in Torrance

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Address: CA on 16 June 05. But one one bother to reply. There may be many customer like me who may have received the similar sub standard parts in their brand new cars. The customer should not have to pay for Toyota’s poor quality manufacturing practices that placed the sub standard parts in my Toyota Corrola. Asghar Santa Maria


Phone: CaliforniaU.S.A.”