On September 18, 2017, I visited the Toyota South Atlanta car dealership to inquirer about a pre-approval letter I’d received in the mail. Upon arrival, I recognized a young guy, with whom I’d attended college. The pre-approval letter stated to ask for Bruce Benn, the general manager. Bruce realized that the salesman and I were aquainted and stated, ” Let Christopher help you.” Christopher and I began talking and I explained to him that I was just checking to see what the notice entailed. I had a potential trade; a 2010 Honda Accord LX, yet I had a co-signer on the vehicle, and I really wasn’t sure if I needed a co-signer for a new vehicle or not. Bruce and Christopher went out to assess my Honda. Christopher returned and stated that I had negative equity. He proceeded to call the leinholder of the Honda, Sierra Auto Finance, to find out the complete pay off price of the vehicle. | Next, Christopher says, “Let’s look at a car.” We look at a 2017 Toyota Yaris. I’d told Christopher, I really wasn’t interested in purchasing a $20,000 dollar car, but was interested in a Jeep that I’d seen on their pre-inventory website. Also, I was really just interested in seeing whether I was eligible to purchase a vehicle without the presence of a co-signer or not. He asked me to fill out paperwork regarding my employment and begin explaining documents about Lemon Laws and asked me to sign them. He took the paperwork I’d signed to the General Manager and I was asked to wait. He returned and told me I was approved and they were giving me extra monies for the price of the trade. Before long, I was in the finance officer, Thomas Dortch’s office. As I was signing paperwork for the Yaris, Mr. Dortch said he needed the signature of my co-signer for the sale; however, they let me leave without it. They asked for an addressed for which to FedEx the documents. | After a day or two, I received a text from Christopher stating that they never received the paperwork back and the I needed to reach out to the co-signer because they were running out of time. I’d stated that I was not in contact with the individual due to safety reasons and would likely not contact him. At this point, Christopher asked me to sign the documents on behalf of the co-signer. I’d told him that I had an upcoming court date and could possibly take the papers to court and ask him to sign. Thirty days to the day of my visit, a different finance officer called asking me to come in and I did. When I arrived a manager came to me and stated that he advised against me signing the paperwork and to take the paperwork to court. Shortly after, I was approached by Christopher who stated that the manager wasn’t supposed to intercept the paperwork. Christopher later sent a text message suggesting that if he scanned the paperwork could I sign and send it back; against his supervisor’s advice or wishes. I declined. | When I asked for an extension on the tag to the vehicle because in order to obtain the signature I would have to go to court, which was four days after the expiration, I was told that I needed to go to the local tag office and request an extension. However, the sale for the car remained incomplete due to the missing signature and I expressed that this was the dealership’s responsibility to Christopher. Christopher replied that it was my responsibility and that I was the owner of the car. I sent an email to the manager requesting the return of my vehicle and later spoke to Bruce about the harrassing texts I’d been receiving from Christopher and about the tag expiring and that since the sale had not been completed prior to the expiration, I just wanted my Honda returned. Bruce stated that at this point my car had been sold and that if they didn’t receive the signature from the co-signer after the court date, that they would pursue legal action against the co-signer. But the co-signer, expressed no interest in the purchase of the new vehicle. | Upon further investigation, I contacted the leinholder of the Honda and was told that Toyota South Atlanta failed to render payment for the Honda, but per the manager, it had been sold. Additionally, they stated that the co-signer and I are currently past due on the payments. Another attempt has been made to all of the location’s managers requesting my trade back because no signature will be obtained from the co-signer at this point. I have not received a reponse.


  • Name: Toyota South Atlanta
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Morrow
  • Address: 6865 Jonesboro Rd
  • Phone: 770-961-0225
  • Website: www.toyotasouthatlanta.com/