I’m having trouble with my black neighbors harrasing me but they don’t like it when i’m recording them. But they sure can record white people! They followed me in traffic while I left my house and i recorded them the whole time and they were having theirr son in on it to passing us illegal because they thought we was going slow on purpose which the speed limit is 40 then goes down to 30 on woodland drive in Ladiona Al. | They was blocking us from passing them and having their son block us as well. The black motherr got out of her car yelling at me to stop filming them. I yelled back which STAND YOUR GROUND LAW states you have a right to defend yourself! | They are only harassing me due to the other neighbors falsely accusing me of harassment. The her husband violently got out of the car telling me if i don’t stop filming he would do something him self he got out ran back to my window and slapped the phone out of my hand! | And white people are being convicted for defending their life and freedom from these thugs!


  • Name: Traacy
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Auburn
  • Address: 1518 Professional Pkwy
  • Phone:
  • Website: