Hi this homewrecker came into my life this past June. The pictures are of my husband and her. She destroyed my marriage. Me and my husband were on a break due to stress and arguing. We have two beautiful little girls together and a baby on the way. He texted me June 13th and told me he didn’t want anything to do with me blah blah blah. We had been separated for about a month but we were working on things and were supposed to get back together. I did some snooping and found out she was in picture. She wouldn’t let him see the kids, come to any ob appointment. || He was blowing my phone up a few days ago and begging me to meet him and all this. I did like a idiot and we had sex. This morning she calls me and sends me a picture of a pregnancy test. So now my kids will be put on back burner. She has a kid by another man and her 3 year old little girl was hitting my 1 year old and smacking her. I just needed to vent and expose this no good trifling whore.