This company is 100% scam! They steal peoples identity on Linkedin and Facebook to facilitate the theft of your money. They will freeze your account and force you to upgrade only to get every dime out of you before they shut you down and steal your money. | Victoria Van Eyk is the trader for this criminal enterprise that we believe operates out of Nigeria and Jakarta, and possibly Canada. They are also involved with a fradulent overseas financial institution in Hong Kong called Mercury Axis Finance. | If you invest in now or in the future you will in all probability lose any money you invest due to criminal forfiture when they are shut down, which isn’t a matter of if but when. I have reported this criminal enterprise called to the FBI, as well as many other law enforcement agencys. | Additionally, I have hired an attorney, and private investigator, and others, as I know their every move. So, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the FBI, or others takes both of these fraudulent websites off the internet permanately, and arrests Victoria, Nickolas, as well as other people involved for being the despicable human beings they are.