Stole my dibetic test strips


My Complaint: He advertised that he would buy your extra test strips on his web site. I called him and told him the kind and make of what I had. He agreed to buy them so I took 20 box’s to the U S post office and mailed them to him. 3 weeks later I still had not received my money of $288 so I called him back. He said due to financial difficulties he could not pay me so I asked for them back and he said I would have to send him $8 to get them back. about 2 weeks late I got a box of old out dated test strips that were not mine (the ones I sent). He is a lying crook. he has cut all communications to me–He will not return Phone calls or emails. I have been ripped off in the amount of $288 that was what he agree to pay me for 20 box’s of new test strips that I sent him.


My Demand: I want my test strips or $288