My wife and I contacted AAA moving company to have our belongings moved from Hope, BC. to Idaho Falls, Idaho. We did not have any heavy objects for the movers, only a bunk bed, several small furniture pieces and a bunch of boxes ranging from small to medium in size. We received a quote at $3200 Canadian, ( I double confirmed that it was Canadian, not USD, while talking to AAA on the phone. I also enquired about their pricing and was told it was by item, not weight. When I enquired about adding several tool boxes and a welder. I was told in that in that case it would add $1000 Canadian to the price. We did not add to the heavy objects but we did add smaller light boxes with fabrics and clothes to the order. | When moving day came TRANSCANADA movers showed up to fulfill the AAA contract but we had no choice but to let them load since our house had sold. When the movers were done the moving truck was only about a quarter to a third full. At this point Emery the main guy approached my wife and told her that there were some added fees. She had no choice to sign the papers or they weren’t going to take our stuff. Emery had my wife sign a form with fees on it but later when we contacted him for delivery we found out that he had changed that form and added nearly $2000 American to the bill. He also informed us the bill was in US funds; which doubled the bill making it $8000. Canadian for what he claimed was 5700lbs. (He never provided any documentation to prove the weight and likely took another set of belongings on the same trip.) We were never quoted based on weight nor did we agree to the added fees. When we called we were ignored. When we emailed we were ignored. Emery at TransCanada movers refused to adjust the bill and told us we’d have to pay $3900 Canadian just to pick our stuff up from his warehouse and move it ourselves. | We filed a complaint and a review with the better business bureau after we ended up paying the full amount of the bill and then we were ignored when we phoned them to have our belongings delivered. When I did get through after several days of persistent calling Emery told us he was going to increase the amount of our bill if I didn’t take down the review. I told him I would not be bullied into taking it down. We have paperwork, emails, and phone records that show the effort that we have made to solve this issue but Emery is your garden type bully who resorts to using cohersion tactics to deal with his customers. | Total cost for a 65 mile move $5000. Other movers quoted $900 for more weight, to the same place as the moving company’s storage wearhouse.


  • Name: Trans Canada Movers Inc
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Delta, British Columbia
  • Address: 1080 Cliveden Ave #8
  • Phone: 604-540-4109
  • Website: