Complaint: I have been waiting for payment ever since May 22nd from this company . I have wrote tickets but they are failing to respond to my tickets. They claimed that i would be paid last last month, which I was for only one site they owed me for which was yourfreezune, they still owe me $480 for the site yourfreexboxone.And $430 for yourfreeipadmini.I have spoke with my lawyer regarding this situation and I was told that this company could be in danger of closing because of the failure of them not following their own policy. People complain about them everywhere on the internet so I have a lot of proof ! I also still have open tickets since three weeks ago showing that they fail to respond. I have tries waiting on them.but I am a single parent and I have had to move back with my mom because I could not pay my bills the beginning of this month because trainn did not pay me what I earned. I am tired, and I am going full force.

Tags: Employers

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (312) 276-8929