3/12/18 Update: Angelina Hinton called back and stated the proofing department did change the size unbeknownst to me after specific written instruction in their ordering system. I was told because I ok’d a proof for a size when I was assured at the time of the order it would be the same as the previous order. It was not. Transfer Express will not reprint the order even through it states clearing in written order directions. Then she proceeded to tell me I didn’t know how to correctly press and wanted to give me directions on how to. Additionally, no action would be taken with Jay the Manger as he was doing his job actions were acceptable. | Via Email: Angelina, | I write to appeal a decision on order # D20228-0303 as well as to make a formal complaint of the how Jay, the manager, handled my situation. Please know, I am a small business owner and I did do my due diligence in research when considering investing in a heat press; which I chose Stahl’s Transfer Express to purchase my new press as well as to build on the relationship with the transfers division. | On February 22, 2018, I uploaded artwork with the direction of referring to the exact same previous order (B01220-0375) for sizing and formatting purposes. I did this because I had learning experience with my first order and did not want any problems with the sizing. The next day, I called to go over and place the order with the customer service rep and explained to them this was the same order I did last year and gave her the previous order number to make sure the sizes were the same to prevent to any problems. I was advised this would not be a problem but I had to have it proofed and it would be a $45 refundable charge once the order was placed. I agreed to this as long as the sizes would be them same because I didn’t know what the font sizes were used. I was told that would not be a problem, but a new proof had to be done. During this process, when talking to the rep I did request 2 changes: resizing of the left front logo to 4.5 x 3.5 because it was larger than the previous one and insert a navigator symbol on the back of the tee (1st line between R and A of HRA )that is all. Please note, when placing this order, the customer service rep was trying to give me full size screens for each of the 3 items which were going to be put on 1 shirt(Front, Back & Sleeve). Again, I redirected the rep back to my previous order number giving it to sales rep again explaining the importance of the layout and sizing. At that point, she pulled up the order and looked at it and agreed she could set it up like that for me. Again, I stated, please make sure the back of the tee (list of names) was the same exact size as this order and again I was assured this would not be a problem. Upon receipt of the proof, I identified a spelling error as well as confirmed the new size of the logo (left front of tee) and the symbol added on the back of the tee. This was all that I could verify since, I was given assurance it would be the same size as the aforementioned order number but no sizing was given to me. At this point, all I could do was rely on was Transfer Express to do as per my documented direction coupled with their reassurance it would be done. | Upon receipt of my order, I realized the sizing of the back tee was off so I called to ask Transfer Express to have them review my order as a mistake had been made based on my order submittal. However, the phone lines where full and an email contact was given so I sent a message via email to look into it. The customer service rep responded verifying my order notes did state the size was to be the same size as B01220-0375 as well as the logo size (front left of tee) was to be as submitted and I quote: “I went to the initial proof that was first placed regarding this order D10223-0071 where you did state you wanted it to be set up like previous order B01220-0375… You also stated you wanted the logo sizes as submitted but wanted the sheet set up like the previous year. I do see there was a revision on the proof order number D00226-0177…” | As you will note, Transfer Express order documentation states, “to be set up like previous order B01220-0375” and the logo (left front of tee) would not change. | As you can identify my order was not delivered as documented in your order log diary or call log thus the product delivered to me is incorrect. | I called and talk a customer service rep in person and tried to explain this however again it was stated I responded an email approval. I responded that I verified what information I had available to me: spelling, new logo (front left of tee) size for the left front tee which was the only size adjustment. My order reflects a size referenced from a previous order but was not disclosed to me so how can one verify information that was not given but assured several times? Which brings me to my appeal of to please refer to documented order notes as well as can be verified via call log for the quality assure that is advertise on Transfer Express’s phone recording. This order does not call for any size adjustment except the front logo to be changed to 4.5×3.5 but the back of the tee size was changed by Transfer Express unbeknownst to me. | The customer service rep said they understood the problem and placed me on hold so they could consult their manager. She returned stating Transfer Express was unable to reprint order. I requested an appeal on the decision because the order was not process as described in my order. I was advised someone call would call me back about it. | I called back on Thursday, March 8, 2018 to follow up since a follow up call had not been received. I was advised I would need to talk to Jay who was the manager, but he was on the other line and they would have him call me back. I explained that I would be happy to hold since I had been waiting for two days for a return call and I needed to resolved because I had orders that I could not fill. | After a lengthy wait, Jay was on the line and I explained the diary notes and my order was not filled as documented which could be verified by the call log. The only requested changes were to 1. Insert navigator symbol between R and A on back of tee and 2. the front left logo size change to (4.5×3.5) which is the only documented changes from my previous order. However, the size of back of the tee was changed which was not documented anywhere in the diary notes but it does state it should be the same size as my previous order. I was advised by Jay that he understood and would review the call log and make a determination for me. Additionally, he would look into right after we got off the line but he would have to listen to a few calls so it might be the next day before he got back up with me. I thanked him for his time. | Again, I called back the next afternoon to follow up since I had not heard back from Jay. When I called in, I was only asked my name (not my dealer ID as always) then was put on hold to check Jay’s line. The Customer Service rep returned stating he was reviewing my call and would call me right back about it. I asked if I could please stay on hold because I have orders to fill and I really needed this resolved. She asked me to hold one more time and then came back saying ok, please hold then I was promptly hung up on. I do sincerely understand mistakes but for this to happen two (2) more additional times after the first incidence before I could talk to Jay leaves me questioning integrity. | When he came onto the line he advised me his supervisor had already told me the order would not be redone and didn’t understand the bases of my call. At that point, asked him if he had a chance to review the call log as he said he would; I was advised by Jay and I quote: “I don’t need to listen to any phone call because I have your approval to place the order via email and the order will not be reprinted.” I said ok, but I had no way of knowing the size because it was not given to me and my order reflects dimensions were to be based on order # B01220-0375 so there was 2 levels documentation (order diary and call log) that can be verified on Transfer Express side to prove my order was not processed correctly. I advised that I wanted to appeal his decision at the next level. Jay stated he would be happy to pass my information along to Angelina. I asked for a contact number but was advised last names and numbers were not given out at Transfer Express. I asked to be transferred because at this point, because he had set the precedence of not doing as he said he would do so I had no choice but to question his integrity. | Now I am not only concerned about my order not being processed as per my direction; I have management telling me one thing doing another and giving me a complete run around. I have patiently tried to work with the system and ask these facts to be examined and explained to me why order was changed from my documented order at Transfer Express. Furthermore, I am being made accountable for something that I didn’t ask to be done in the first place. I have received the wrong product and I have dealt with an unprofessional manager with no since of integrity for his position nor the company he represents.


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  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Mentor
  • Address: 7650 Tyler Blvd.
  • Phone: 1-800-622-2280
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