Complaint: I just read a report re: Bill Griffin, and it sure sounded familiar! Was told he had was offering to by FL. property that a family members owned and that he need $998 that day for all of these legal fees and then my family member would receive $24,000.00 clear-there was no other charge except the $998.00. Boy do I feel stupid!! I have called several times, and have been told story after story. Our last conversation ended with me demanding where and how my $998 was spent. I called him a thief, crook, liar, scammer and didn’t trust anything he had to say after all of the different stories. Of course he tried to tell me he was the BEST and NO other could sell this land. I said “Gee another lie! You told me after the deed searches yadda yadda was done he would be sending my family member their $24

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Address: 000. Well it has been 2 weeks and I have received NOTHING as proof as where the $998 dollars went. I have been taken

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Phone: and so was the other poster (Olie) and I have the same wish he/she has