NIVEA Q10 Serum Pearls to put a small sticker on your BIKE/CAR Truck amg get $450 weekly. Then I was told to cash the check for $1750. Send payments of of money orders1300 back, send back $450 in small money orders and a $50 dollar money order the rest of it. The check for hey sent me. My bank said it was fake and returned. Returned reason-N Altered/Fictious received April 26 2019. Item totalling 1 item charged totalling $1,759.00. 1 item charged a fee totalling $12.50. Advice Total $1,762.50(D). I was charged a total process fee of $30.00 + $29.20 + 12.50 dollars. I want the money I was charged repaid. They sent me a fraudulent check. They sscam and tried to scam my bank. The bank caught it. They maid threats to me. If I don’t give them the money, the are going to call the FBI on me. The bank said the check was a fraudulent check they sent me. I want my money back what I was charged at my back. I try to contact them. Their sight was no longer there. They need to pay my babies charges back. The check could not be cash.