Complaint: well i’ll say i’d worked there 4yrs.first 2.75 things ok by me from here down stay out 2to three weeks last 7months pure hell.checks avg take home 320 or lower. i pay my child support last 2 months was enough at the point of losing my i gave notice. 2weeks only made it 4 days of the notice 2oomile trips most of the time. told em send me home.Also had several trucks break down requiring a replacement both brought out filthy dam near outta fuel. You’d think a company trying to save money would see a truck would be filled up at a terminal since thats where there gotten from.But not at ta.If your lookin for miles not at ta. they cornered the short mile loads company makes out driver gets the shaft.also i had a few checks still due that they could’ve take health insurance out of but they cancelled insurance on my last day of actual work any where i’ve worked before took the funds ta. no deal.

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Address: 1715yankeedoodle rd eagan, Minnesota United States of America