We contracted Castores to move our furniture and houshold belongings from Mazatlan, Mexico to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Included in the total cost was for 2 moving trucks (one for our 2 cars and the other furniture and boxes etc), various extra costs for bubble wrap, plastic to cover furniture, as well as insurance for any damages that may occur during the transportation process. On moving day only one truck arrived and the cars were loaded onto the truck, along side the cars they proceeded put but metal objects, boxes and various things that were not supposed to go, we tried to tell them this is not usual or good for the cars but they said they knew what they were doing and leave it to them. Not one piece of the furniture was protected, included a 350ib granite table that was broken even before it was put on the truck. The driver said no problem you have insurance talk to the office at the end – really professional right. We still stupidly put our faith in them! When the truck arrived at destination and unloaded, every piece of furniture was destroyed beyond repair or damaged. The cars have scratch marks and dints from one side to the other, all the white furniture is now black and marble and granite shipped and unrepairable. This was now 6 weeks ago and the company will not pay us anything for damages, we have receipts for 90% or the furniture as it was all 2 years old. They did not pay the insurance claim and just took the extra money and will not re-imburse us for anything. If you are every thinking of using this company that looks more professional on the outside please do not…….. They do not deliver on what they are supposed to. .

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