Complaint: I was using a job search website that required I provide a credit score. TransUnion had their ad right there offering a FREE Credit Score. So I request my credit score. TransUnion promptly sent me my score, but without my realizing it, they also opened an account for me, using my credit card number, which I never gave them. I think I only had to give them the last 4 digits of my SS number. Of course they have access to all of our credit information, since they are a credit reporting agency. I found out when I was having trouble with credit card billing website and I requested a change to paper credit card billing statements. TransUnion was deducting $19.95 per month for 7 months from my credit card. So I shut down that card with my bank, then called TransUnion. TransUnion agreed to close out the fraudulent ‘account’, but they refused to return the stolen money. Although they did not deny that it was stolen. Ironically, the service they were fraudulently charging me for was Fraud Protection. My credit score has always been pretty nice. I can’t wait to see what it will look like from now on. A credit reporting agency can do a lot of damage.

Tags: Credit Card Fraud, Internet Fraud

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