Received an invite to apply for their "Brand Ambassador" program, ive seen alot of similar offers from reputable companies in the past so I applied, 24 hours later i received an email saying i had been accepted and that i would receive one of their headsets for free and be featured on their official instagram, i had to pay for the shipping on the headset, $20 for shipping seemed very steap, but i figured they had to cover the cost of the headset somehow… a few days later i recieved another e-mail saying the order has been processed and that i was now officially an ambasador… included in the email was an "offer" for a free t-shirt, that you also have to "only pay shipping" for, so i decided to do a little more digging… the headset they are giving you "free" and charging $129 normally, costs $7 on aliexpress, none of their instagram posts feature any of their other "brand ambasadors" and the only place you can find any reviews of their product is their own website… all in all, this is a scam trying to take advantage of people looking for legitimate sponsors