I worked at Travel Advantage Network for over 3 years. What happens at that company should be known. Here is a perfect story – nAn employee there Heather Pallett sabotaged a director who had helped her for two years by sending a email of false accusations against him to the owner. Heather set the email up to look like it was a former employee. The email got the director fired. After the director was fired she waged a slander campaign against the director to save her job. nWith the help of Travel Advantage Network she filed a restraining order against the director after he was fired. She lost in court. But under oath she bragged about sending the email. She bragged about physically assaulting the director at work and was proven to be a liar. In the email she had bragged about recording the director conversations without his knowledge. This is all public information and contained within the testimonies from the court cases. nShe was not fired for her actions but was promoted and allowed to continue instigating the company to harass the former director. For her deceit she was given the role of a Client Relations Analyst where she has access to confidential client information including credit card numbers. Before this she was a team leader in the call center and routinely ordered those who reported to her to email client card numbers to her or have agents write down the credit card numbers and give them to her. nWhether or not you choose to deal with this company is your own choice. But you deserve to know the truth about what really happens there.

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