I also purchase a deal chicken voucher for a travel corp getaway to Lake Tahoe back in February 2014. I sent the travel voucher to travel corp 30 days in advance of my requested travel dates. I did not hear from them over the next 30 days. My dates requested for travel where approaching so I decided to contact them. I looked up there phone number on the internet,called, no responce. I emailed them. They responded that they get back to me in two business days. I gave them five business days and contacted them again via email stating that I would be contacting deal chicken. Next thing I know they are crediting my Paypal account for the taxes paid. Travel Corp states that people don’t read the terms and conditions stated on the voucher. I did and met every request written in the small print. This has been one big headache and a waste of time trying to reach out to the company. I had bought this trip as a 20th anniversary gift and had to make some quick change of plans. I would not recommend using this company for any travel needs and it sounds like others agree.

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