I purchase an insurance policy from this firm in February 2011 to insure a trip which would take place from August 19th to August 28th, 2011. I paid them via Mastercard through their website. My insurance policy cost $296.96 and was supposed to cover a trip cost of $4,200 for three adults. My policy ID# is 909770317. My policy included ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS MEDICAL EXPENSES $10000.00 Per Insured BAGGAGE & TRAVEL DOCUMENTS $500.00 Per Insured BAGGAGE DELAY $100.00 Per Insured EMERGENCY EVACUATION $100000.00 Per Insured LIVETRAVEL ASSISTANCE Included Per Insured TRAVEL GUARD ASSIST Included Per Insured TRIP CANCELLATION 100% Trip Cost Per Insured TRIP DELAY $500.00 Per Insured $100.00 Payout Limit Per Day TRIP INTERRUPTION 100% Trip Cost Per Insured TRIP INTERRUPTION – RETURN AIR $1000.00 Per Insured Optional Packages Car Rental Collision Coverage COLLISION DAMAGE COVERAGE $35000.00 Per Car Medical Expense Upgrade (Primary Coverage) ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS MEDICAL EXPENSES $25000.00 Per Insured. On August 19th, I departed for my trip and went on my cruise. On August 28th, the ship docked in Tampa where we learned that there was a hurricane which was in New York and this caused our flight to be cancelled on August 26th. I immediately attempted to find a flight home but was notified that the airports in New York and the surrounding areas were closed and there was no estimate as to when they would reopen. Thus, I booked a hotel room at the Tampa Intercontinental. I stayed at the Intercontinental the night of the 28th and did notify Travel Guard of such. (I have phone records which validate a call was made to Travel Guard’s number) On the 29th, I kept trying to find a flight but the airports remained closed. At noon, I decided to rent a vehicle and drive home because it was pointless to wait around inevitably for a standby flight since we were due to return to work and school by September 3rd. Various airlines were contacted and the earliest flight out could not be had for at least another 5-7 days. I incurred around $1,400 in expenses due to this event. These expenses included the night at the Intercontinental, meals, rental car to get from the dock to the hotel, and gas plus the rental car from Tampa to New York, gas for it, plus meals eaten while driving back to New York. Upon arriving home, I contacted the insurance company on 09/02/2011 to notify them of my intent to file a claim with them for reimbursement. They asked me to send them some paperwork and I sent them all that they requested via certified mail. I received a response saying that my claim was partially denied by Kim Grezenski because I left my trip prematurely. This is false information. I completed my cruise and then tried to take my return flight home. It was cancelled! She paid me $280 for the expenses incurred in Tampa but refused to reimburse me for my trip home. I wrote back saying that their decision was unfair because the merit of their denial is false. Also, their policy states I am entitled to reasonable accommodations. which is nowhere defined in their wording. I chose to accommodate my family’s needs by renting an SUV to drive from Tampa to New York instead of waiting around for a chance at getting a flight. I received a response to that letter stating that they denied my claim because I filed it on September 2nd and it was outside the covered period. What they failed to take into consideration is that I filed the claim on the 2nd for expenses incurred on and after the covered period DUE to my trip being interrupted and my flight being CANCELLED during the covered period. It is unreasonable for them to expect me to generate a list of expenses PRIOR to them occurring.They need to honor their policy and pay the remaining $1,035 on my claim.

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