We are a company who booked an air ticket for a member of staff here in the UAE. There was a claim of a 12 hour cancellation policy which did appear strange – I was worried immediatel0 – especially as the air tickets did not arrive and our credit card status was left as pending according to the email from travelation.com 24 hours later we received an email stating that the fare had doubled because of the delay – which was not from our side. We immediately blocked the credit card as it was clear it was a scam – we were charged 3 times the amount of 1 USD processing charge which was not mentioned. Before we received the Email we were called on a very bad line by a Pakistani accent man claiming to be in the USA, calling from the company travelation.com After the strong e-mail sent to the Pakistani we were told we could have the original rate – this was probably as he could not take any money from our card as it was blocked so he was trying to trick us to accept – then cheat is big style. travelnation.com is rip off from Pakistan people who are not in the USA – Your website contains reports from his other rip off so called companies – SMARTFARES.COM, LBF TRAVEL – (lbftravel.com) – All list the same physical address in San Diego. HSBC confirmed that the 3 separate 1USD deductions from our card were from Pakistan – We were lucky to act quick and block the card- but reading the reports on your website (LBF Travel) of mainly American victims of these Pakistani cheats is shocking.

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