I researched flights for several hours for our trip home for x-mas. After checking all the airline sites I checked Travelocity and decided to book there, because I saw a reasonable ticket. I was very clear on the dates and times. I knew exactly which flights I wanted. I also during my several searches on Travelocity was careful to maek sure I was selecting the correct date and the correct flight. When you use the pop-up calendars they come up as 2 months side by side, and you have to be careful that you’re picking the date in the correct month — particular for the return date. I was aware of this and I had been careful during several, several searches. Also, I was clear on the return flight time and paying particular attention to it, because the flight was early in the morning and we would have to catch a bus ridiculously early to get to the airport on time. So this was at the forefront of my thought process. However, when I finally booked the itinerary, my confirmation said I was returning Jan 31st, instead of Dec 31st. And it also had a night flight booked, instead of the early morning flight I was so concerned about. Now I accept the possibility that I could have accidentally selecting Jan 31st in those pop-up calendars and not noticed it at the time of submitting the order. But I am having an extremely hard time believing that after all the research and deliberating I not only accidentally selected wrong month for my return, BUT I also picked the wrong flight??????? Maybe I am, in fact, losing my mind and this was entirely my fault, but I wanted to post about it, just in case others happened to have experienced odd booking errors that they’re pretty sure they couldn’t have made. The customer service person couldn’t have cared less, and he was borderline rude. I ended up calling American Airlines, and even though the AA guy acted like he was sympathetic, I still had to pay $340 above my original tix price. And listen to a melodramatic attempt from the AA rep at consoling me, repeating over and over again that “everybody makes mistakes.”” In fact

it was the first thing out of his mouth when he saw my intinerary. I hadn’t even told him exactly what I was calling about yet. I just feel weird about this whole episode. Has anybody else found themselves wondering whether Travelocity was actually at fault for your booking error? Perhaps to collect more change fees? Merry X-mas


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