We booked a hotel through Travelocity on a Friday. The following Monday I looked at my bank account online and saw that they had charged us twice. They told me it was “a case of a double booking.”” Luckily

this charge was reversed with little hassle. The major problem was that I did not have the money to cover the unauthorized second charge. This resulted in $192 in overdraft fees due to other purchases I made that I thought I had the money to cover. After trying to speak with a supervisor several times (I continuously got hung up on when they were “”attempting”” to transfer me)

I was told the only thing they could do for me was offer a $25 voucher for a future purchase with them. Not only was this incredibly insulting

but after all of the hassle I have experienced with them I will never be using Travelocity again. I eventually was connected to a woman named Lori Monroe who told me I could submit my bank statement for review and would be given a call after they made a decision on what to do. I am hoping they will rectify the situation with a refund for amount of the charges I have accumulated

and will update this with their decision.”