So I recently made a personal trip to visit my family. I went onlinean ordered my airline tickets on Unknown to me, somehow a $19.95 charge for “Travel Insurance”” was added to my bill. I didn’t notice this additional charge until I printed out my trip itinerary. When I tried to cancel the insurance I never intended to purchase

I was sent to a call center in India where I was told that I needed to cancel the insurance 72 hours before the day of my trip. WellI don’t know how I was supposed to cancel a transaction that I had no idea I had made. It is a blatant gotcha scam. I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card company and had the nerve to say that I had indeed made the purchase. This is after I had informed that they will permanently lost a customer for life if the charge was not refunded. And they have

as I would never do business with them again. I think it is ridiculous that I would be charged for something I didn’t order. And I certainly wouldn’t have made a purchase of travel insurance for a personal family visit.Soconsumer beware. I would avoid using for any travel plans in the future. They aren’t upfront about their fees

and they arebasically running a scam with this hidden travel insurance fee. In thelong run if more customers do as I do and stop doing business with themover these fees

will the $19.95 be worth it for them? I also intend to file a complaint with my state’s attorney general.”