I purchased a $100 gift card for $50 some time back. I booked a hotel in the Carribean using the gift card, but then had to cancel the reservation. Luckily I did as I found out the booking rates on travelocity incentives was $25+ more per night than booking through the hotel website or a regular travel agency program. I was given the value of my gift card only ($50) to use at a future date. I have attempted to use the gift card over a half a dozen times at this point and always get the same errors: No hotel found. Please review your search criteria and try your search again. or The Travelocity Gift Cards website has experienced an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience. I called the customer service number and amazingly was able to get through to someone fairly quickly, however I was told those errors meant there were no rooms available for the dates or at the hotel I was trying to book. I told her I tried many many times, different dates, different hotels, different rooms, different parameters, and was getting the same error, what kind of fiasco was this especially since I even tried the hotel directly and there were many available rooms. She said in her experience that is what the errors meant so I needed to keep trying different dates or locations, etc. I said again that I have tried, many many times, and she finally offerd to try to book it on her end. I asked her to, but in about 30 seconds she suddenly couldn’t hear but every 10th word I was saying and was having difficulty understanding me. I had full bars, excellent reception on my phone and called someone else immediately after disconnecting so I know my phone was fine. Was that a ploy to get me off the line? No idea but at this point I’ve spent so much time and frustration on this thing I am giving up, $50 down the drain.

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