On March 30 2012 I called Travelocity to book a flight for six people to Flordia for July 21 2012 in the amount of $669.60. I made sure that the representative repeated all my information, since he could not speak english clearly. After they took the money out I received a confirmation with the date of June 21 2012. I immediately called back spoke with Jeff explained that they made an error he acknowledged the error and said he’ll correct the date. I requested a new confirmation. He said there was no need because he only was changing the date. On May 21 2012 I called back to see if I can add another person on the ticket to my surprise they still had June 21 instead of July 21. After going though several agents all they could say that I needed to pay $1,674.00 in order to change the date. Its funny that they can change my flight without charging me. nThen the travelocity agents said, that they need to listen to the tape for that transaction and will get back to me within 72 hours. Within 24 hours I get a call saying that they couldn’t do anything but to take off their charging fee. I never heard the tape so how do I know whos telling the truth. Travelocity is a ripoff and I will never recommend them to anyone. Believe me am taking this further. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.

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