Last year my Father was dying I had to get a ticket right away. I had a account with Travelocity and my Husband purchased the ticket with his own bank account. My name isnt on it. The travelocity account is registered with my email address and has my previous booking info. nA year later I noticed that something called Shoppingessentials with nothing but that and a 1888 number on my husbands account for $14.95. I did research and they were billing us every month for a year. I called and they said I signed up for a membership with them. I told them I never did such a thing how did they get the bank info etc. They told me that because my email was registered with them that at some point I agreed to this. Which is totalllllly untrue. I do not ever accept offers of any kind. Any pop up offers I egnor! This is complete fraud. So they said, this supposed account was in fact in MY Name. My email etc. Funny thing is, I paid with my husbands account. The statement on my Travelocity bill says card holders name to be my husband. Well they said all I could do was cancel and they would give me a slap in the face refund of just $14.95 even though they billed me for a year before I caught it. nA month later their sister company or affiliate I noticed called passporttofun looked identical on the bank statement. $14.95 also they were taking out… and I tracked it for the last year. I eventually got them to refund it all back. But shopping-essentialss wont. They maintain that this is a valid claim on the funds being removed for a membership I never agreed to. Their proof of this is that they have my email account and they said it registered with the company. So then they had every right to take the bank information that just so happens not even to be in my name. So, they knew that and billednanyway. Fraud. nTravelocity,passportofun,shopping-essentials fraudnRedding, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Passporttofun, Shopping-essentials Nationwide U.S.A.

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