I received a phone call at home with a sales pitch on diet patches. They offered a months supply for $19.95 and since I am constantly dieting, you always think maybe this will work. All they needed was my debit card number and if I wanted to return the unused amount I would receive a full refund. nThey then let me speak with someone to confirm my order and that’s when this person told me that the remainder of the cost ($399.90) would be debited from my debit card one month from that day. nThat’s when I said “NO I Do NOT WANT””

and they agreed and thanked me for my time. Well they did take the $19.95 from my account but they also took the $399.90 and I did not receive anything. When the $399.90 was taken in mid June. I called the Bank and they in turn returned the debit to them stating “”unauthorized debit””. nHowever while I was on vacation the week of July 4th the Debit was returned to my account and the bank had no choice but to release the money. nWhen I returned and found out that this had happened again I was furious. I spent all of July and August emailing and calling this company. They agreed that a mistake had been made and the refund had been approved but it was on Jason Turley’s desk. I called and emailed every day. They knew my voice when I called. Two weeks ago I received a check for the $399.90 and quickely deposited in my account. nNot the end of the story. I just found out that the check was returned to my bank “”Non Sufficient Funds””. So the story continues. “”They Did A Job On Me”” nJoycenConover

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