I saw free items offered on a Facebook ad that said "free just pay shipping" so I went ahead and took a look at the website to find something for my new baby. I ordered an elephant play mat and had to pay $4.95 for the shipping. I received an email saying my order has shipped and to email them in 3 business days to get tracking information. I did receive the shipping information and it took me to a website that I had never heard of called track.aftership.com. It looks like the item is coming from China. The shipping information updated right away and then it stayed with the same date and location in China for about a month. I emailed them (because email is the only form of communication for this site) to ask where my package was. They had an auto response that told me it takes 15-25 days sometimes longer to get a package and as an apology they were sending a new package. With the second package I went through the same process and again the tracking stayed the same for about a month. I wrote yet another email about not receiving my package and I got the same response as the time before. The auto generated response said they would send the package again (this being the third time) and here I am in the same situation with the same auto response. I have not received any of the packages they have "sent".