Trevor Trout is a Host, Actor, and DJ. I saw Trevor Trout at a Savannah Bananas customer loyality game. As Host, Trevor was supposed to engage the audience and other amateur players. I decided to invite him to host my kids birthday party. He asked for a 50% deposit up fromt. I agreed. Here are my concerns: | 1) Tardiness – Trevor arrived on time but wouldn’t leave the car. Seven minutes of me watching im, I approached him and then | 2) Drug Use- Trevor’s car and person reeked of Marajuana. He told me it’s okay it’s a RX from California. Well, we’re in Georgia and you’re about to go to a kids party. SO NO! | 3) Attitude – When I told Trevor that he was not going into my house he immediately started to panic. Saying how much he needed this gig. “I’m really good…I’m really good” he kept saying, slurred. When I said no. THEN he started yelling at me saying, “I’m keeping the deposit.” That’s fine. Then as I was about to go inside, he then demanded the rest of the payment. NO I said. You didn’t do the work. “But I showed up”…Yes, and now you’re going to leave or I’m going to call the cops. | I would recommend anyone working with Trevor Trout to NOT. In my opinion he is totally unprofessional, mentally unstable, and low class.


  • Name: Trevor Trout
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: (323) 632-6946
  • Website: