It was a holiday weekend and preparing for a huge event at my home. My kitchen sink clooged and I remembered seeing a paper advertisement for EMERGENCY plumbing help at the local coffee shop. I called the coffee shop who provided me with Treyce Montoya’s Plumbing Service. I called and he immediately came over. He charged me $150 for the job and it was NOT “fixable””. Instead I had to buy a NEW disposal and the one he suggested I get was $500!! I have NO problem paying for a service I need

especially one I desperately needed. However… $150 for 45 minutes and it was NOT fixed? Also the culprit that locked up my drain and disposal was potato peelings. NOBODY told me

when I moved in

to NOT put down egg shells or potato peelings. I mean

what good is a disposal if we cannot put those items in it? Well