I was fired by them for not following a schedule that i didnt know existed. I had confronted the hireing manager to see what the problem was after a discusion with philly breckonridge i was informed to go home and it would be fixed by monday. Well come monday as my arrival to work i was informed i had been let go following no chain of command but insted i was said to be violent cursing and mean in whitch i was none of the listed and had no ideal being fired was a option at the time. And before leaving that monday i was forced into a room by to workers a forced to sign a piece of paper which didnt allow me to get unemployment my advice tell trg go to hell


  • Name: TRG Customer Solutions
  • Country: United States
  • State: West Virginia
  • City: Beckley
  • Address: 251 Grey Flats Rd,
  • Phone: (304) 461-6044
  • Website: