I posted my resume on Linkedin and other websites. I received an email a month ago from Tricerion Services LLC, PO Box 1544, Salem, VA 24153. They offered a position as a package forwarding contractor. I received packages and reshipped them. I thought I thoroughly checked into this. They told me I would be shipping things overseas so that people can buy things. They said they were located in Switzerland. I called them today asking about my pay, they said they sent a wire transfer. I gave them all of my personally identifiable information. They have a dos license. The phone number is my roommates phone. I thought I had checked them out. I have every email, and I still have 3 packages. I was shipping packages to different addresses. I shipped many packages from ***** at *** * **** St, Columbus, OH. FedEx told me it was perfectly legitimate. The man I spoke to speaks English with a European accent.