I purchased a travel insurance from a company called, ‘TravelSafe Insurance’. I paid around $150 to insure any unexpected accidents during my travel abroad. During the trip, I had an eye infection and went to a hospital. I paid $52 for consulting a doctor and medication. After coming back to U.S., I filed claim through an email with documents attached. When I called them a few days later, they told me they didn’t receive anything. So I sent them an email again and they told me they didn’t receive anything when I called them again a few days later. I sent again and they told me that they didn’t receive any email from me. They also told me they would look for it and call me bacj. They never called me. Therefore, I sent the claim documents by a certified mail with a return receipt. Finally, it showed that they received a completed claim form on their claim activity under my claim number. However, about a month later, they requested a formal travel itinerary from me to process the claim even though it was obvious and easily verified from the copies of my passport and other documents. So, again, I sent the itinerary by a certified mail with a return receipt and it showed that they received a miscellaneous information on the activity log. It took four(4) months and two(2) certified mails to get $52 back from Trip Mate Inc. P.S.- When you call them, it appears on activity log that you called. I guess they upload activities that you can prove it happened. (You can prove from your phone record that you called. You can prove with a return receipt of a certified mail that they received your mail. I guess you cannot prove that they received your email you sent) It seems that Trip mate is the mother ship and other insurance companies( for example, TravelSafe Insurance ) sell insurance as a broker. I didn’t know Trip Mate was was the company handling claims until I started the filing process. I wanted to find out how far they would go rather than getting the money(It was only about $50) Most people will be worn out and will give up pursuing further.

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