Trish Balcaen unscrupulous manipulator, unethical, breached and broke contracts, compulsive liar, Vernon British Columbia!!. Trish Balcaen of Balcean Consolidated breached and broke 2 contracts within a period of one year. please copy and past to view an example (NOT my situation) of how Trish Balcaen cuts her costs by manipulating contractors >> Trish Balcean: “While the equipment fleet is relatively new, this large contractor does not necessarily automatically look to new equipment when it’s time for replacements.Often, a two-or three-year-old machine with low hours can be picked up in the used equipment market and that fits the bill.”[…] “These situations make it tough for contractors to put together accurate costs for running each piece of equipment. At best, they produce an average cost over the year. “You can quote out a skidder for $100 an hour and you can make

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Trish Balcaen