If liar had a name, it would Tristan Wilson. Where can I begin we met on April 26, 2012 after he asked me out. Tristan said he was a paralegal for the City of Los Angeles and was a graduate of Morehouse College in Georgia. He said he graduated at the age of 16 and had entered college before he was 18 years old. He also said he was a graduate from University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law. He told me he was the Ambassador for the state of California. I being a humble college student, teacher’s assistant and tutor I was surprised how fascinating he was. We instantly hit it off and not long after friendship grew to love. After some hesitation of my part, he convinced me to make it official on May 10, 2012 after he begged me to be with him exclusively. Our blissful relationship was choppy and full of questions from the beginning. Issues like instability of residence, missing and appearing at mysterious places, questions about his occupation, questions about his erratic schedule, questions about why he wanted to distant his family from me, questions about his educational background and random tantrums. Question like why did he live with his sibling when he made the most money out of them all as well as why he didn’t have a car. Even with an argument, I loved him unconditionally and did everything in my power to make sure we worked. From picking/dropping him up across town at all hours of the day and night. Searching the internet and driving around LA for more than 2 months trying to find him an affordable apartment, which I might add never, happened. From buying birthday, congratulatory, anniversary, Christmas gifts to which I received none in return because he was going through what he described as the obligatory financial rough patch that all lawyers experience in the first 2 years of practice. As a result, I ended up paying for 97% percent of all our dates, outings, and dinners. At one point, I even use to cook, bake pies, and use all my extra change on him because I knew he needed to eat during those supposed long hours. I even took a second job as a tutor to help us financially and allow us the flexibility of enjoying our time together. At that point, I was working from 8am to 1pm on my first job and 3:00pm to 9:00pm on my second for six days straight. Using the time between my two jobs to take us to the arcade, the movies, various expensive restaurants, trips and other gas guzzling activities. Even for my birthday trip to Disneyland, which he promised, he would cover because his law office had the discount I ended up paying for everything from gas to the hotel to the tickets. Tristan was prone to fits of jealous anger, constant arguing and, of course, a constant stream of lies. On various occasions, he would jump out the car during a verbal argument throw his phone/belongings to the floor and sit on the curb crying. He was also known to walk off or leave me behind for no apparent reason stating that I had angered him in one way or another. He often accused me of withholding things and looking at other men (which I never did). One of his major lies was that he indirectly worked with President Obama as a liaison of sorts over the States’ well fair. He even went as far as to going missing for days on end on these official business trips. One of his most creative lies were that he had been recruited my MI6 for her accomplishments in International Law. Even going as far as to say he had been hired by Prince William and the Queen of England as a law counsel. Remarking that he had been honorarily named an Archduke of England. As a young man, he claimed to have been one of the young boys who had been molested as a child by a priest. Tristan utilized all the lies and fake evidence he could to convince me. At the time, I had no idea these were all lies. He was so clever and everything seemed to be legit. On September 9th 2012 he asked my mom and got on one knee proposing to me. I gladly accepted and we were engaged. From that, point on I began scouring the city of wedding books and whatnot as we blissfully began planning our wedding. Going as far as to pick wedding colors, tuxedo styles, venues and budgeting our wedding. Our relationship lasted until I brought up the fact that since the proposal I had become the breadwinner in our relationship to which he took major offense. That along with demanding him to be more accountable about his whereabouts, finances and responsibilities as a fiancée. No long after, I started pressing about wanting to have those conversations that he became distant. The amount of time we spent together lessened and his romantic spark seemed to fizzle out. Between my busy schedules, I made time to be with even ignoring friends and other social activities so we could spend time alone. He spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and a number of other holidays with my extended family who came to see him as a part of my family. On May 21, 2013 after unanswered question and stalemate arguments Tristan Wilson abruptly disappeared from my life breaking up with me via text. I was so distraught and lost I implored him to see me since we had been engaged. I felt I deserved to have been told to my face. Instead, after a few exchange of calls he changed his number and I lost contact with him completely. I was so hurt and confused I reached out to his siblings who seemed indifferent about the incident all together. At that point, I got angry and started to examine the things he had told me about himself. What I discovered through some extensive research was a web of lies, which started the day I met him and he told me his name. As far as I know, Wilson might not even be his last name. He was not a lawyer (I checked to see if he passed the bar), he was never a paralegal, he did not graduate from USC, he didn’t work for the State, he had never been to England or Washington D.C., he did not have a non-profit organization for children called “Atlanta Dreams”, he was not a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, he has never spoken to the President nor has he ever said a truth thing to me during our whole relationship. He is a habitual liar, a user and heartbreaker who is not to be trusted. From Georgia to California I can not stress enough the need to run in other direction if you ever encounter this monster of a coward.