My husband and i received a promotional offering a bundle of three different trips. a cruise to the bahamas, a walt disney trip to orlando florida and a las vegas trip. We took the offer and paid the promo fee.The trips were to be takening within three years. Which is up in Dec. of 2015. Been trying to take the trips. But can not seem to ever get any help or returned calls on how to get them started. Never received the download for the reservation forms . Called customer service. Talked to Mike Grinnell. Said he would take care of the situation right away . Waited a week; nothing happened. Called again. Mike was not their. Talked with a Jason Cude; nothing happened from our conversation eighter. Called yesterday4-16-2015 man was not helpfull at all. Got a bit rude i thought then phone call went dead. Been calling and leaving messages. No answers back from them yet. I belive this company offered us a promotional offer, took our money and then bailed on their comitment to allow us to take the trips. I hope no one else accepts this kind of offer. You might find yourself in the same situation.

[email protected] Orlando, Florida USA


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