I contacted Truck Masters on March 27, 2015 about re-bulding the transmission in my 1998 Ford Ranger truck. He told me to bring it back in 2 weeks, because he was “backed up”. I brought the truck to him on April 14, 2015, 2 weeks and one day later. He had initaly told me the job would take 3 to 5 days, and would be $1325.00. On April 18, 2015, I called for a progress report, and was told, he had been really busy, but i was on the schedule for first thing Monday morning (4/20). I went by his shop on Saturday April,25, 2015 to get something out of my truck, and it was no longer at his shop, when I inquired as to where it was, I was told it was at his other shop…OK…I told the owner I really needed my truck (I am a self-employed subcontractor) for work, he said he “was in the middle of it”and that he would have it ready on Tuesday, April 29,2015. When I got no caLL on Tuesday, I went to the shop on Wednesday April 30, 2015, and was told they found the problem, the Torque Converter was bad, and I might get it back that afternoon, but it would probably be the next day. I heard nothing from him that day. The next day Thursday April30, 2015, I was told the transmission needed to be “broken in”, and he would call me when it was done. I heard nothing else that day. On Friday May 1, 2015, I went to his shop, and my truck was jacked up with the pan off, and valvebody out, and my wife asked, “is this how you break it in?”. The owner, then got very irate and asked my wife to leave. I stepped in his shop and told him to put all the parts back in, and I would pay him for what he had done, and call a tow truck to pick it up, and take it somewhere else to be repaired. By this time the owner gets very irate and angry, and continues to work on my truck, He says he is going to fix it, and I’ll have to wait. He then tells me he wants to be paid in cash. I send my wife to the bank to get cash. While she is gone he finishes, and comes out with a bill for $1471.00, I told him that was not the price he quoted me, and that my wife was only bringing back $1325.00. He tells me there’s an ATM right across the street. He test drives my truck, comes back, and says its fixed. He finally agrees to the original price he quoted $1325.00. I take the truck, get 2 miles down the road, and the original problem comes back. I immeaditly take it back, and he tells me he will fix it (Ihad a 2 year unlimited miles warranty) He keeps my truck until the following Wednesday May 6, 2015 with another bill for $133.00. I drove the truck 6 days, and 90 miles, and the problem came back. I took it back on Thursday May 14, 2015, and I was met at the door by the owner, who askes “whats wrong now?”. I said the same problem, no overdrive, he says to leave it with him, he will check it out. When I questioned him about when I could possibly get it back, he got really abusive, and told me to get off his property, and stormed into his office. Not knowing what exactly to do, I stuck my head in his office, and asked if he wanted me to leave it, or bring it back the next day, his reply was the sooner you leave it, the sooner I’ll get it fixed. It sat in the same spot in his parking lot for 3 days. I went to get it, fixed, or not on Monday May 18, 2015, where I was told they were just getting ready to pull it in the shop, and to give him a few minutes, it was just a “band adjustment”. They then had lost my key, and I had to go home and get my spare. They test drove it again, and said it was fixed. As of May 21, 2015, I still have the same problem with my transmission, only I’m $1325.00 lighter .

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