I recently bought a pair of True Religion Jeans from this seller. Their website states ‘100% quality guaranteed’. What a joke! The site is called True Reliogion Australia Inc. Would you not think they were Australian? No, they are Chinese, located in Hong Kong. So firstly, I thought I was supporting my own country’s economy. Secondly, I bought a pair of jeans for AUS $150.88. I ordered a style called ‘Becky’. I received a style called ‘Joey’. These are NOT the jeans I ordered. Thridly, as these are a CHEAP Chinese re-make and NOT TRUE RELIGION jeans as stated on the site, the sizing is WAY OFF. They are two to three sizes too small. I fit into a regular size 28 ( in this brand of jeans as well as others), which I ordered and they are no where close to fitting. Fourthly, upon opening the jeans I found that the stitching on the jeans is already light blue (it should be stark white) as the colour in the denim has already seaped into the stitching. The denim is thin and of inferior quality. Lastly, I have had no success in finding out how to return the jeans. There is no contact information on the site. There is a contact form, which goes through to the company via email and the responses I have got are mind boggling! Email responses have stated that they will not refund the money as I received a pair of jeans, in the size I ordered, the ones that they had in stock, so that is good enough!!! I am left with a pair of jeans that I cannot wear and $150 out of pocket.

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