He Scammed me out of my money!!!!!


My Complaint: I contact this man he went by the name of Avi Shay and he told me that he would help me and I tried to send send him money through paypal and he told me his account was under review and he cannot except money from paypal and he told me that his lawyer would draw up a contract and I sent him the money through money gram and never receive anything from him and now I am trying to call him and email him and he has not returned any of my emails or calls. his real name is Steven Thomas and he also uses the name of Aden, Steve Thomas, Sebastian Thomas Lonnie Steven Thomas Costello and Chris Michaels. I phoned Paypal to report him and he does not have a paypal account at all and now he is illegally using their logo.


My Demand: I want my money back or see him in jail