I am a victim of this website called www.truelovespellcasting.com. I called the website on March 12, 2014 and he told me everything as I was down on my luck and I found out that I had cysts on my ovaries and tumors on my uterus and at that time I wanted something good to happen and the man that I loved I wanted him back and this man named Avi Shay promised me that. And he knew everything about me too. And he promise a legal contract and he promise a double the money back so that I guess is also the reason why I fell for it. Which it was dumb of me. All I needed to do was send him $395.00 American through Money gram which I did that but I asked him why not through PayPal and he told me that his PayPal account was under review and he could not receive any money at all and at that time I did not know anything about PayPal at all. So on March 13, 2014 at approximately 9:00am my time I sent him he money through Money gram and the total came out to $475.29. After he received my money he told me to call him on March 14, 2014 in the morning and I have tried and he has not answered any of my phone calls at all. And as of to date he still has not answered any of my phone calls. Upon further investigation I found out that he has another website called www.newagespellcasting.com and how I found out was that I called there and the same exact voice and the same exact message was on there. The names that these people use are as follows: – Chris Michaels, Avi Shay, Aden, Steve Thomas, Sebastian Thomas, and Vai but his real name I believe is Lonnie Steve Thomas Costello. And now he has a woman working there and her name is Sasha Brittingham (I do not know if I have the right spelling of her last name). Anyways when I called there and demanded my money back she told me that Avi shay was in prayer and I told her straight out that how can he be when he just sent me an email stating that he did in fact take my money and he is refusing to send it back to me, then she hung up on me and this phone call I made to her was on March 30, 2014 at approximately 8:30pm central time and now all I get is the voice mail from both of them. Their website is used by Wix.com because it is free or cheap which godaddy.com owns Wix.com and when you go to check his site out on whois.com it will tell you that the owner of this site is private. I still have the receipts from money gram and I still have the copy of the email that he sent me that he admit to stealing my money and refusing to give it back to me. And he knew what my health was like to I guess that is why he took my money and ran. Who knows? I called PayPal to let them know what he has done and I explained everything to them and they told me he does not have a
PayPal account with them at all and when he did it got shutdown and they also told me that they did not give the websites permission to use their Logo. And phoned Money gram to report it and they are keeping a watch on all the names that I gave them. And they also told me that they did not Give those Websites permission to use their money gram Logo and I phoned Greendot Money pack and told them what their were up to and they also said that they did not give permission to use their logo either and I phoned Western Union and let them know what this person is doing and I gave them all the information too. And If you look at their websites you will notice all the spelling mistake and I did not notice until after the fact and a couple days ago.
This Person uses the following names: – Steve Thomas, Avi Shay, Chris Michaels, Aden, Vai, Sebastian Thomas, and Lonnie Steve Thomas Costello. And now he has a woman doing the scams to and the name she goes by is Sasha Brittingham (I am not sure if that is the correct spelling of her last name)

The follows phone numbers that this person uses to scam people are as follows: – 1-888-540-6555, 1-(718) – 535-8695, 1-(323)-834-8293, 1-888-391-5777 and 1-(904)-712-9195
This person owns the following websites: – www.truelovespellcasting.com, www.newagespellcasting.com , and www.morningstarlovespells.com (which I do not know if this site is still up or not but the other two are still up). And how I found out that he owns those website site is because I have a friend who is into the computer technology and he look them up and they have the same IP address and if you check all the phone numbers you will notice the voice will match up and the messages are the same.
If you confront him on this post he will tell you that are one of his competitors posted this which is not true I am an actual victim of his. I do not expect people to feel sorry for me. I have learned not to let the emotions of my health get the best of my judgment. I go for surgery on May 13 at approx. 7:30 in the morning. For now I will focus on that and trying to get my money back from this scam artist and right now me trying to get my money back from this scam artist is what keeping me going and trying not to think of the worse outcome. All I know this guy had no intentions of fulfilling anything except his drug habit from what I have been told that the police are looking for this man. And if they are I hope they do find him soon so there are no more victims that fall prey to this man or these couples. I was told if the person took your money and had no intentions of providing services to you and these couple did not full the services at all and they refuse to refund my money isn’t that considering theft and fraud?. I demand I want my money back. Stay away

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  • #Avi Shay (Steve Thomas)

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